Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Views on October 14th 2008

My Views on Oct 14th 2008:

People are upset because Blossom Goodchild's prediction didn't come to pass, and I am the next target because I did a few readings which said that they were already here. I feel energies, all around me. So when I asked and threw the cards the energy was so intense, it felt like they were here already and with us in spirit form. It was so strange, So I had to let the world know that they are here and their energy was super amazing, I couldn't deny it. But I did specify many times that I wasn't saying that the ships are coming down from the sky, it was more of their energy being felt. I felt the intensity on the 14th and on the 24th when there were numerous sightings in Texas Arizona, Oregon, Kansas and California. My energy was going super crazy. But as far as THE LIGHT SHIP THAT WILL STAY FOR 3 DAYS, I didn't see that happening in that way. I thought that sounded a little too hollywood. I am a big fan of Sheldan Nidle who is a contactee of The Galactic Federation of Light since he was a child. and he never set a date like that and he sounded very skeptical of it. The GFOL would have told him. It seemed like it was the FOL that was being channeled by Blossom. Either way I was tapping into some intense energies that you would have to be sensitive enough to feel it. Imagine if they did come down, because there energy is so strong, it could really effect people around them in a good or not so good way. It would probably create and explosion from what I was picking up LOL.

Most of us don't understand the energies because they are so numb to it as they were taught not to believe in it and eat foods and flouride which cuts them off from their psychic connections.I stopped the flouride 2 yrs ago and let me tell you, my sensitivity has heightened immensely. So the only way people are convinced is through sight and to observe what they see and try to understand it in an intellectual manner as their feelings are cut off from their reality. Because of this we have to be convinced of the truth through words rather then through feeling. Pretty soon this is all going to change. My information comes to me through feeling energy sometimes seeing pictures rather then through words. So trying to convince the public of what I feel is not going to happen. They all have to experience it for themselves. We should all stop taking in chemicals which inhibit our sensitivity to begin with so we can reconnect and believe in our feelings once again.