Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Thank you Romeo Baron for sharing this! Recently there was a dormant higher dimensional portal that opened up just in time for the solar Eclipse and New Moon which will occur on 5/9 and the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon which will occur on 5/25. These coming alignments will be triggering more planetary activations. This new portal that just opened up is going to create a 'head to head' confrontation between duality and one-ness, polarity and connection, love and fear. It's going to force change, integration with the mass collective. It's going to be a very interesting month on a global scale, because a lot of secrets are going to be uncovered, and this could include governments finally revealing to the public the truth about E.T. acknowledgement, and being involved with them. The month of May will be very empowering for all of us. It will soon be all too clear, to more and more people, that the old paradigms are no longer going to function as they did before. A new path is beginning to unfold. Take inspired action by following the path of your dreams and hopes, and you will expand into this new energy and into the new reality for your life.♥

Bashar on Manifestation, Money, State of Being

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