Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We use create our Ormus with Alkaline Water with a Ph Balance of 10 to increase its effectiveness. Our Ormus is derived from the Ancient salts of the Dead Sea where it helps to  unlock  the third eye or Pineal gland responsible for psychic ability, astral travel, and lucid dreaming! We call this the Milk and Honey as it is the oldest ormus in the world. 
We also enhance our Ormus with 528 hz Heart Chakra Solfeggio Frequency for unconditional love , because it takes one to be in this love state to also  enter the state of Allowing, love is acceptance, without any resistance. This makes whatever you manifest easy then ever!

My experience with Ormus began a year ago after ingesting it for the first time. I had the most amazing experience ever when I took it right before I went to sleep. My dreams were so real and alive full of color that I didn't think I was asleep. Actually I struggled to fall asleep that night. I was in between wakefulness and sleep and then finally entered the lucid dream state. I finally woke up around 4am and i felt this amazing buzz above my head in my crown chakra. I felt like it was burning, yet my heart chakra felt open full of unconditional love, so i laid there in bed just smiling. The ormus truly aligned y chakra centers through out the days of taking it that i felt like i was in constant joy where nothing seemed to bother me. Also I had no problem manifesting things because of this new experience. 

I believe that once you begin ingesting this amazing formula, your psychic abilities will be heightened, and your health will certainly improve. Remember that movie Limitless? Please watch that movie if you haven't seen it yet! They talk about this drug called NZT where it enhances your brain to use 100 percent of your brain. This is what it feels l ike when you take Ormus. You feel like you are using more part of your brain that laid dormant for years.  You will then begin to notice yourself being even more creative then ever before, filled with  more energy, aliveness, your sex life even increases FORGET ABOUT THE VIAGRA! LOL 

We Invite you on our journey to try this amazing liquid for yourself and please feel free to comment on our Facebook.com/illuminatingminds

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