Thursday, September 5, 2013

Living in Cancun Again in True Freedom from the USA

Yep that's right! Im here living back in Cancun Mexico again an amazing magickal place where dreams come to life! We decided to finally once and for all get farther away from the corruption of the United States! We were living in Northern Baja California from February 2011 till August of this year while my husband decided to go back to school as the Navy pays him to go! He tried to look for work everywhere from California all the way to Washington State with no luck at all. We realized just how high the cost of living was in California and Washington especially while on Unemployment and Va Benefits. We didn't want to struggle like our friends where they were bouncing from hotel to hotel, etc. No Way. Jerami just gotten out of the Navy after serving 12 years and having an easy life not having to worry about getting paid. His life changed as he discovered his health getting worse with bad knees, 2 shoulder surgeries, and feeling like a 33 yr old in a 50 year old body. Also realizing just how corrupt the United States was getting and the military the day they tried to have him inoculated for H1N1 by not letting him leave the ship to go home. Thank the Gods due to me seeing the coming trends we had friends that worked in the hospital and helped him out of getting one! We were lucky. He didn't want to get kicked out that time either, so he got to stay in a few years more. Just seeing the hypocrisy of how the US Government operates, and forcing us to inoculate our kids with poisonous vaccines knowing they are poisonous, and adding more flouride to our water every year! Feeling sick every day with horrible migraines, Sinus headaches, Fatigue, exhaustion, i knew and felt that something wasn't right. Then after the huge earthquake well i like to say attack on Japan back in 2011 blowing up the Nuclear plants and sending radiation all through the USA, really got me to be gutsy, and really do what I felt was right for our children Hunter and Autumn ages 7 and 6. I couldn't allow them to live in a schizoaffective type country with a twisted President where one moment he speaks of Peace and a Change and yet with his actions shows a complete opposite of the messages he conveys. Why would you speak of peace and helping our Americans with jobs yet be spraying tons of Aluminum, barium flouride poisons into the air to hurt us? This did not make any sense! And add Aspartame poisoning to our childrens baby foods, and fluoride! Although we were living in Temecula Ca when they bombed Japan, and we were so inlove with that city, we knew it was seriously time for us to leave the country. Also what made everything worse to add on top of that, was from a vengeful exhusband who couldnt wait to see me rott, after taking my first 2 children from me Austin and Druanna feeding them a bunch of lies and having the New world order government protect him and then after 8 yrs later, going after me for child support! He cheated on me, kicked me out of the home saying i was sick and ill like my mother, called me every name in the book, telling the cops i was abusive, and yet, after 8 yrs is going after me for Child Support? I thought i was tortured enough not being able to see my babies, and then he went the extra mile to have the government go after me. Thats when i began to learn more about how the government works, because they seemed extremely psychotic and schizophrenic! How can the government and the police keep me from seeing my kids, throw me in jail, and then 8 yrs later, go after me for child support! I never felt so humiliated in all of my life. How can I all of a sudden be on the radar as a mother who doesn't pay child support or a dead beat mom? Didn't he throw me out? Telling me that if i come near the property again that he will get me arrested? To we're now coming after you for child support? Hey let me see my kids first then i will help pay. So there was so much crap i had to deal with in raising my younger children now in a much better marriage then my first with a more caring loving Husband who would never take my kids from me and let me suffer the way that I did. I had to now think of my children now and how they will grow up in the next 20 yrs. I couldn't control the situation to help my other 2, and I tried so hard to get back to them, but circumstances made it nearly impossible, leaving me broke, with no home, no place to go. Talk about a major life experience. First i was a mother, doing mommy things, taking my kids to school, being a parent, to now being thrown out in the street like a dog by a vengeful man who couldn't wait to replace me with my best friend. What was the world coming to? So now here I am moving on with my true love and my 2 younger children and here he is coming after me and my husband for money? What nerve? 

But the most amazing thing out of this whole story, I learned that I had dual citizenship through my father who is a Mexican citizen and was born in Guadalajara. In 1998 those who were born either in the United states and had a parent who was born in another country could get their Dual citizenship. So when The usa didn't want to give me my passport for this hurrendous child support order, i went ahead, and went to the Mexican Consulate, and took my citizenship back! This has protected me to where the United States does not have any jurisdiction over me while living in Mexico or any other country as a Mexican citizen. Isn't it amazing how the universe works? I got out of it clean. And I don't really care to ever go back to the United States again after being nearly poisoned by them for years. 

So here we are in Cancun Mexico. Why did we pick this place? Good Question! Well it all began back in 2009 after launching my First Ning Site on sovereignty, commercial redemption and Freedom, I met a strange man who called himself Jaguar. He claimed that he worked in the industry of Account Science out of Canada, and was having issues with the government there in dealing with Child Support. So he became a Hostage by what he called the Family maintenance Department and he couldn't leave his country even if he tried. We shared a major bond, and became very good friends over the phone and even worked together. He had a way of Triggering certain emotions of mine by having me visualize certain things, places that excited me and somehow I would make them Manifest on this Material Plane. Yes he had a way with Magick, and was very familiar with the way the universe worked on a Metaphysical Note. So we worked together nonstop for 2 and a half years manifesting things and created a group called the Administrative Council of 12 a group of men and women who came together to find a remedy to bring freedom through learning the Technology of Account Science and Commerce. Yes it was a fun ride at first, but after awhile things were not working out. One thing I can say about him was he told me that I would go to Chichen Itza one day soon. He saw me there! I didn't believe him of course, i thought that was way out of my range, we didnt have the money as I was a Navy wife, and my husband was not allowed to go to Mexico due to Navy Policy. It was just not realistic to me at the time. But something very mysterious happened after that. Within that month I meet a fan of mine whose watched me on  youtube for years, by the name of Roger. He was from the Yucatan where Cancun is! I met him through a couple by the name of Nani and Quentin from New Zealand and was apart of the Maori Tribe. They were a very interesting couple, and from there on we became good friends with Roger. He use to come over every week when we lived in Temecula, and had a great time just hanging out together. Thanx to him he told me about my Mexican Citizenship and to jump on it right away before they close the doors on it again like they did years ago. 

In June 2011 We finally decided to make the jump and move to Northern Baja California Mexico Rosarito to get aquainted with living in Mexico first before we decided to make such a huge jump to Cancun. We had a great experience there living on the beach in a beautiful mansion like home we were only renting for 950 a mos compared to renting a home in Temecula for 1800 a mos! We lived on the beach and they didn't ask for a credit report which we found was super restricting for us to live anywhere in the states as we had hard times paying our bills  now that Child Support was involved. Before they got involved my credit was at a 680 score and I thought life would begin to turn around for the better, but  no it got worse. But there is always a reason for this. If this never happened I would never allow myself to expand beyond living in the states to see new territories, for this I am so grateful. 

So for those of you and including my beautiful daughter Druanna Rosemary Sloop whom I last seen when she was four years old, you will read these words and see why I had to do what I did. I have cried for my daughter every year when it gets closer to her birthday in December as the pain is still there of being cut off from my own flesh and blood. How she meant the world to me then, and how I tried so hard to make it work with my ex so that I would be apart of my childrens lives. I guess fate had other plans for me that I wasn't aware of at the time. To do something bigger, to go through this pain so I can share this with the world of other parents who are now going through this. That we are here on a mission to wake up the world and to finally grow up and be our own government. I hope one day she reads this blog and will know that I never tried to ignore her, by leaving the country. This was a choice I had to make and was forced to make. 

I want you to know that there is always a way out when you have a powerful will, that you have a host of spiritual guides looking out for your best interests, and know alittle more then what you may know at the time. I knew deep inside that there was something very deep something more grand to all of this. 

We are living here in Cancun for now, while our kids our going to school, and they are great schools. Private schools for only 2200 pesos a mos per kid, which is like $150 a mos. They are learning to speak Spanish, and Portuguese. Now tell me where in the USA do children at the ages of 6 and 7 do they get to learn different languages? They go for swimming lessons twice a week, and their teachers actually show emotion towards the kids. Hunters teacher greets them with a hug and a kiss on the top of their head. You can tell there is so much love for the children here. In the states you are seen as a number, and the teachers are afraid to get close to the kids, maybe because they fear they will get sued. Who knows? You are constantly living in Paranoia afraid of everything. I see in the media how they try to portray Mexico as been a drug infested country, yet, they fail to see the biggest consumer of drugs is the  United States! Have you heard of the Pharmaceutical company? That is the Cartel and its ran by the bankers who use people as pawns, get them sick with illness they create in a lab and make tons of money off of their misery. Its a vicious cycle. Now we are seeing GMO, MONSANTO Genetically Engineered foods making their way in the USA and in other countries, including here in Mexico. This is poison and brings on malnutrition as your body isnt getting enough nourishment, because they are cheap and they want to kill us off. At least in Peru and I believe Ecuador, they banned Monsanto. Hopefully Mexico will do the same. I just discovered that the majority of the Table salt here has flouride in it or Flourarada. But no flouride in the waters YET! 

I have family in the States they believe I have seriously lost my mind but they have no idea things I know. I have tried to explain to them why I do what I do, and why we left the country, and they cant get their head around it, even though they are in major debt, and have lost their homes, they still don't wish to see that this is a great design by the Government or Elite whatever you wish to call them, The powers that be! I also have gotten comments by others that if I am such a great Secure Party, then why would i leave the country? Well, to tell you the truth, it takes far more then having the proper paperwork to secure yourself. Look at the air you breath? The water you bathe in, the food you eat? It is so much more then this. The Education system is all jacked up, and only wishes to turn our children into obedient robots to be good employees to work for the dollar that has no real back up or value but their hard work and toil. The Dollar has no real value, especially after they stole our gold and silver back in 1933. Read up on the House Joint Resolution Act 192, it will tell you what the government did back then. How they enforced this upon our American Family to adopt the Federal reserve IOU notes when America was being attacked by this Foreign Entity. That the US Treasury was moved over to Puerto Rico, and through the Trading with the Enemy Act we all became Prisoners of War under Geneva Conventions. You are a prisoner and a Debtor, thanx to the United States Bankruptcy you are considered Chattel and Property of the Government through your Birth Certificate, to work and slave each time a dollar is created, or printed up. Who is to back up this currency? You are! Because you unknowingly Contracted with the US Government as your parents willingly signed your Rights away on that Security Instrument we call the Birth Certificate. They had no idea what they were doing, and because of this you are obligated to pay the debt for the USA's Bankruptcy. They put you as Collateral to see to it that You will pay that debt whether you like it or not! This didn't just happen in the USA by the way. This has happened Globally. If you have a birth Certificate, you are now Collateral for that government. When we owned Gold and Silver there was Value, and we use to use Silver Certificate bonds to purchase our goods and when we did purchase our goods, we had the Hard Currency to prove it whether it was in our homes, safe, or bank. So why don't most of us own any gold or silver anymore? And if we do then why is it registered with the USA? When you register something you give up all ownership to an Authority. Did you know that? Did you know that our Judges, Police men, those who are in the position of Authority take an Oath to the United Nations? Not to the United States of America? That when they do this they entered into Foreign Jurisdiction? Each time they bring you into court you have entered into their Foreign Jurisdiction Admiralty Court? This is something worth Studying if you haven't already. This Law goes back to Civil or Roman Law also known as Cannon Law through the Vatican. That you are Guilty until proven innocent, not  under Common Law that we are Innocent until proven guilty? That is why if you do not respond to a Court Order, they assume that you agreed to this Case by your acquiessence or silence and automatically you are guilty. 

This of course goes far beyond 1933. In 1300's Pope Bonafice created the Unum Sanctum Trust to claim ownership of all the Souls of the World where it still stands today! This was during the time of the Inquisition, the Dark Ages. That is why we have the Vatican City today and the Pope who oversees all the banks, and Countries of the Globe who inflict all of these meaningless laws only to control and own humanity. Its sickening how they use Jesus as a Front to get people to fall on their knees in worship and yet Jesus was the very soul that tried to wake everyone up to this Hypocrisy of the Church in the first place. He told you all to watch out for the Lawyers, and the courts. 

Yes I can go on and on! I know! But this is to paint a picture on what the true history is of why we entered into Enslavement of the Matrix! Its good to know this, so you can see why it isn't only you whose fortunes or homes have been taken away, due to the Economy and so forth, it was all designed this way!! If you wish to learn more about taking your power back there are many ways, you just have to ask the Universe and it will show you the way. One way is becoming a Secure Party and be able to operate Privately just like the IRS, Federal Reserve, The UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, and move out of the Public Side of Debt and Chattledom. Go to for more information. 

Another way, is to leave the country entirely and start over somewhere else where the Noose around your neck is not as tight as it is in your country. Many people are doing this and there is a name for this, known as Expats or Digital Nomads, finding refurage elsewhere in a place that isnt  highly inflated and the cost of living is much more descently low. Here in Cancun we pay for a 3 bedroom villa in a gated community for 586 a mos! In the nicer part of town! And I do my work from home. 

I hope you enjoyed this Blog. I will be posting more when I get the passion to write again on my expereinces. May your Angels, Guardians shed light your way on the Truth giving you the courage to See as you go further down the Rabbit Hole! Namaste

Druanna Johnston

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